The Invisible Man Summary Plot and Chapter Wise

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Plot Summary

A mysterious stranger, Griffin, arrives at the local inn of the English village of Iping, West Sussex, during a snowstorm. The stranger wears a long-sleeved, thick coat and gloves, his face hidden entirely by bandages except for a fake pink nose and a wide-brimmed hat. He is excessively reclusive, irascible and unfriendly. He demands to be left alone and spends most of his time in his room working with a set of chemicals an laboratory apparatus, only venturing out at night. While staying at the inn, hundreds of stranger glass bottles arrive that Griffin calls his luggage. Many local townspeople believe this to be very strange.

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He becomes the talk of the village (one of the novels most charming aspects is its portrayal of small town life in Southern England, which the author knew from first hand experience). Meanwhile, a mysterious burglary occurs in the village, Griffin has run out of money and is trying to find a way to pay for his lodging. When his landlady demands he pay his bill and accuses him burglary, he reveals part of his invisibility to her in a fit of pique. An attempt to apprehend the stranger is frustrated when he undresses to take advantage of his invisibility, fights off his would be captors and flees to the downs.

There Griffin coerces a tramp, Thomas Marvel, into becoming his assistant. With Marvel, he returns to the village to recover three notebooks that contain records of his experiments. When Marvel attempts to betray the Invisible Man and run away with his most priced possessions, Griffin chases him to the seaside town of Port Burdock, threatening to kill him. marvel escapes to a local inn and is saved by the people at the inn, but Griffin escapes. Marvel later goes to the police and tells them of this invisible man, then requests to be locked up in a high security jail.

Griffin’s furious attempt to avenge his betrayal leads to his being shot. he takes shelter in a nearby house that turns out to belong to Dr Kemp a former acquaintance from medical school. To Kemp, he reveals his true identity, the Invisible Man s Griffin, a former medical student who left medicine to devote himself to optics. Griffin recounts how he invented procedure capable of rendering bodies invisible and on impulse, performed the procedure on himself.

Griffin Tells Kemp of the story oh how he became invisible. He explains how he tried the invisibility on a cat, then himself. Griffin burns down the boarding house he is staying in along with all his equipment he used to turn invisible to cover his tracks, but soon realises he is ill-equipped to survive in the open.  He attempts to steal food and clothes from a large department store and eventually steals some clothing from a theatrical supply shop and heads to Iping to attempt reverse the invisibility. But how he imagines that he can make Kemp his secret confederate, describing his plan to begin a “Reign of terror” by using his invisibility to terrorise the nation.

Kemp has already denounced Griffin to the local authorities and is watching for help to arrive as he listens to this wild proposal. When the authorities arrive at kemp’s house, Griffin fights his way out and the next day leaves a note announcing that Kemp himself will be the first man to be killed in the “Reign of Terror”. Kemp, a cool-headed character, tries to organise a plan to use himself as a bait from his servant by Griffin.

Griffin shoots and injures a local policeman who comes to Kemp’s aid, then breaks into Kemp’s house. Kemp bolts for the town, where the local citizenry comes to his aid. Griffin is seized, assaulted and killed by a mob. The Invisible Man naked, battered body gradually becomes visible as he dies. A local policeman shouts to cover his face with a sheet, ten he book concludes.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that Marvel has secretly kept Griffin notes. He hopes of deciphering their mystery some day and gain godly powers.

Chapter Wise Summary and Analysis  of The Invisible Man Novel

Below are the notes and summary for chapter 1 to 28 from The Invisible Man Novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  1: The Strange Man’s Arrival 

In short summary: A stranger arrived at Iping in the biting cold of February which was an unusual time for the visit. The man had very strange appearance that scared Mrs Hall. He kept himself aloof and largely hidden from others. Though he spoke at last, his behaviour was quite cold.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  1. The Strange Man’s Arrival  from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  2: Mr. Teddy Henfrey’s First Impressions 

In short summary: Mrs Hall asked Mr Teddy Henfrey to repair the clock in the stranger’s room. Mr Teddy was taken aback by the stranger’s appearance. The stranger claimed to be an experimental investigator, and gave reason for his awkward behaviour. Mr Teddy got snubbed by the stranger. Mr teddy’s and Mr Hall’s apprehensions about the stranger.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  2. Mr. Teddy Henfrey’s First Impressions from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  3: The Thousand and One Bottles 

In short summary: The luggage of the stranger arrived. It had hundreds of bottles and many books. The carriage driver’s dog attacked the stranger. Mr Hall went to see him. He saw something stranger in the room, but was immediately thrown out.
The stranger said that he was not hurt and spent all his time in doing experiments. Mrs Hall’s eyes again observed something different. The stranger told her to bill him down for all the damage. Fearenside wondered if the man was a black and had white spots on his body.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  4:. Mr. Cuss Interviews the Stranger 

In short summary: The stranger was a loner. Many stories revolved around Iping about the true identity of the man. Mr Cuss was keen to know something about the stranger . Mr Cuss had an interview with the stranger, However, the stranger hit him strongly on the nose with an invisible hand. He returned in terror, thinking he had gone mad. He shared the story of his visit with Rev Bunting. Rev bunting laughed but thought that it was a remarkable story.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  5: The Burglary and the Vicarage 

In short summary: The burglary took place at Mr Bunting’s house. Mrs Bunting woke up by the sounds. She woke her husband up and both went down to catch the burglar. They heard some noises. They also saw a candle was being lit up, but no burglar was in sight. They searched the room, but the room appeared to be empty, and the money disappeared. They had been robbed, but still had no sign of the thief.

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Detailed Summary of Chapter 5. The Burglary and the Vicarage from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  6: The Furniture that Went Mad 

In short summary: Mr Mrs Hall prepared for the festival. The stranger was not in his room. The Halls found his clothes and bandages lying here and there. Mrs Hall heard a sneeze on the staircase. Suddenly the furniture of the stranger’s room came to life. The couple was attacked by the furniture and pushed out. The Halls called for help. They all got involved into the mystery of the stranger’s disappearance and the haunted furniture. Soon after that, the stranger appeared out if nowhere.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  6. The Furniture that Went Mad from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  7: The Unveiling of the Stranger 

In short summary: Mrs hall refused to serve the strangers and demanded an explanation for the strange incidents. The stranger got furious and took off his mask. The people at the inn watched the headlines man and ran out. Mr Jaffers came to arrest him. The stranger revealed himself. The constable fought to subdue the stranger. however, he took off his clothes and escaped.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  7. The Unveiling of the Stranger from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  8: In Transit 

In short summary: The eighth chapter relates an incident that happened with Mr Gibbons. He was lying in the field when he heard some sounds and swearing. but no one was around. He got scared and ran straight to the village.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  8. In Transit from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  9: Mr. Thomas Marvel

In short summary: Mr Marvel was alone and was thinking about his shoes. He hear a voice, but could see no one. The Invisible Man introduced himself and showed that he was for real. Mr Marvel had a hard time believing things. The Invisible Man asked for help. Mr Marvel submitted.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  9. Mr. Thomas Marvel from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  10: Mr. Marvel’s Visit to Iping 

In short summary: Life was returning to normalcy in Iping but people were still having apprehensions. The festival mood had set in. A stranger entered the village and proceeded towards ‘Coach and Horses’. Mr Huxter kept a keen eye on him. As soon as he realised that the stranger was a thief, he ran after him. His chase was brought to a halt in a mysterious fashion.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  10. Mr. Marvel’s Visit to Iping from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  11: In the Coach & Horses 

In short summary: Flashback of what happened when Mr Marvel conducted the thievery was being discussed. Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting were examining the stranger’s room. They found his diary, but were unable to understand anything. Mr Marvel helped the Invisible Man to enter the room. The Invisible Man took the two in hostage.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  11. In the Coach & Horses from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  12: The Invisible Man Loses His Temper 

In short summary: This chapter is in continuation of the things that had happened when Mr Marvel visited Iping. mr Teddy Henfrey and mr hall heard some curious things from the room in which Mr Bunting and Mr Cuss were present. They heard Mr Huxter’s shouts. Mr Marvel was being chased by the villagers. The invisible Man lost his temper. he attacked everybody just for the sake of inflicting pain. The whole village was filled with fear.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  12. The Invisible Man Loses His Temper from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  13: Mr. Marvel discusses His Resignation 

In short summary: The journey of Mr Mrvel with the Invisible Man continued. The Invisible Man threatened him of dire consequences if he again tried to deceive him. Mr Marvel was helpless. He tried to get rid of the Invisible Man by telling him that he was no good. The Invisible Man Still wanted Mr Marcel to serve him.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  13. Mr. Marvel discusses His Resignation from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  14: At Port Stowe 

In short summary: The Invisible Man and Mr Marvel reached Port Stowe. And elderly mariner saw Mr Marvel sitting on a bench, beside him were books. The mariner initiated the talk about the Invisible Man. Mr Marvel was about to let the secret out. The Invisible Man started hurting Mr Marvel. Mr Marvel left the Mariner. The mariner got to know later that he was near the Invisible Man.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  14. At Port Stowe from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  15: The Man Who Was Running 

In short summary: Dr kemp was in his study. he caught sight of a man running down the hill. he considered him to be fool haunted by the Invisible Man’s mania. The Man ran through the streets; he had money in his pockets. The man turned out to be Mr Marvel. He was running because Invisible Man was after him.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  15. The Man Who Was Running  from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  16: In the Jolly Cricketers

In short summary: Mr Marvel ran into the ‘Jolly Cricketers’ to save himself. The people there provided him with shelter. The Invisible Man entered from the back door. Mr Marvel was caught by the Invisible Man. People tried to save him from the hands of the Invisible Man. Shots were fired and Mr marvel was saved.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  16. In the Jolly Cricketers from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  17: Doctor Kemp’s Visitor

In short summary: Dr Kemp heard the shots being fired. After some time, the doorbell rang, but no one was there, he was a bit restless. he came downstairs to get some drink. He noticed a spot of blood but ignored it. He then noticed blood on the door knob. Dr Kemp met the Invisible Man. The Invisible Man revealed his true identity to Dr kemp. he told him that he was Griffin, his junior at University College, Griffin asked for food and clothes.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  17. Doctor Kemp’s Visitor from The Invisible Man novel.

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The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  18: The Invisible man Sleeps

In short summary: Griffin didn’t trust Dr Kemp. He said that he would answer Dr Kemp’s questions the next day. Dr Kemp started ti get his facts right. He searched for the news of the Invisible Man in dailies. Through his readings, he came to know about Marvel’s experience. He was not sure of Griffin’s mind. He spent the night in the study collecting more information about the Invisible Man. Ignoring the breach of faith, he wrote a note to Colonel Adye at Port Burdock.

Detailed Summary of Chapter  18. The Invisible man Sleeps from The Invisible Man novel.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  19: Certain First Principles

In short summary: Griffin started narrating the things which let to his invisibility. He had left medicine to pursue physics. He discussed his theory to gain invisibility.

Dr Kemp realised that Griffin’s theory was indeed true. Griffin had worked like a slave. For many years, he kept his research a secret. Finally, he figured out how to make a human invisible. however, by that hime, he ran out of funds. He stole his father’s money to complete the research which eventually led to his father’s death.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  20: At the House in Great Portland Street

In short summary: Griffin went to bury his father. He was not sorry for his father. Griffin remembered his old life amidst the old places. The apparatus of the experiment was arranged. The experiment began and he achieved his first success. Griffin tried to make a cat invisible, but was unable to get rid of the claws and eyes.

Moreover, Griffin was suspected of operating on animals. This resulted in a fight with the landlord. Griffin thought that his experiment was in danger; and thus, planned to get away, and sent three books and a cheque book to the post office. He drank some of his own potion. The potion gave him a suffering. Slowly, but agonisingly, he became invisible. He dismantled the apparatus before others barged in. Then he set the house on fire.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  21: In Oxford Street

In short summary: Griffin’s initial difficulty was in adjusting with the invisibility; however, it was also his advantage. Griffin realised that it is not an easy business as he was pained and hurt when people stepped o him or hit him from the back. He started feeling helpless. The dogs were always able to trace him and barked at his invisible appearance. Later, he was spotted by two young boys, however, he gave them a slip. The first adventure left him in bruises and cold.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  22: In the Emporium

In short summary: The story continued. Griffin needed food and shelter. He went into a giant departmental store. He hid himself and waited till the store was empty. After getting his fill, he got the idea of dressing up and faking an appearance. Though, he slept, he got nightmares.

Unfortunately for him, the store opened before he woke up. The workers spot him. The search for the thief began. Griffin ran and hid himself. Finally, he had to take off all the clothes to become invisible again.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  23: In Drury Lane

In short summary: Griffin was upset about his situation. He planned to fake an appearance by using a false nose, wig and other things. He got into a shop having theatrical costumes. The shop owner was very alert and he sensed that someone has entered in the house. He locked all the doors. Griffin realised that he must hurt him in order to get the stuff he wants. Kemp was disgusted at his behaviour but still kept him busy. Griffin further told him about his initial lodgings and plans, about the problem at Iping, of Mr Marvel and the three books.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  24: The Plan that Failed

In short summary: Dr Kemp had a secret plan. Griffin continued with his story. he shared with Dr Kemp the plans that he had make before meeting him. Griffin wanted to establish a reign of terror. Dr Kemp was shocked to hear this. Griffin heard a sound coming from downstairs. He realised that Dr Kemp had cheated him. Fight began, Griffin took off his robes, hurt Dr Kemp and escaped.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  25: The Hunting of the Invisible man

In short summary: Dr Kemp narrated toColonel Adye what Griffin was up to. He informed him that Griffin was a self-centred man and he would even kill to get what he wants. Further, he told hi the things they would need to do to catch Griffin. Like his books, He would need food and shelter. Dogs could trace him and if he wanted to eat, then he had to hide.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  26: The Wicksteed Murder

In short summary: Griffin was filled with rage. The narrations took an imaginative turn based on hearsay. Mr Wicksteed was murdered and the Invisible Man was suspected of the murder. He must have learnt that the information he gave to Dr Kemp was being used against him. In spite of all this, he had food and rest. He was ready for his last great struggle against his own kind.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  27: The Siege of Kemp’s House

In short summary: Griffin sent a threatening letter to Dr Kemp in which he wrote that he would murder him. Dr Kemp thought that he should act as a bait and lure Griffin out. He send a note to Colonel Adye through a servant, but the servant was attacked medway.  Adye and he rushed to get help.

Griffin stopped him and Adye was shot dead. Help arrived for Dr Kemp. Griffin broke in with an axe. Two policemen struggled with the Invisible Man. Griffin got his head broken and escaped.

The Invisible Man Novel Summary Chapter  28: The Hunter Hunted

In short summary: The scene shifts from Dr Kemp’s house. Mr Heelas woke up and found Dr Kemp’s house in ruins. He saw Dr Kemp coming towards his house. Realising that the Invisible Man was after him, he denied shelter to Dr Kemp. Dr Kemp ran for dear life; but kept his cool. people came out to cover him. Griffin was overpowered. He got badly hurt and met a tragic end.


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