Detailed Summary of Chapter 21 to 28 from The Invisible Man

Here in this post you’ll will get the detailed summary of chapter 21 to 28 from the novel The Invisible Man. Read Summaries of other chapters here:

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Detailed Summary of Chapter 21: In Oxford Street

Griffin’s Extraordinary Advantage

Griffin was having a hard time adjusting with his newly acquired power. Even his walk was clumsy. He was filled with great joy though and his mind was busy in the things he could do without being seen. Suddenly, he was hit from behind. The man carrying the basket was greatly surprised and this made Griffin laugh. He swung the basket into the air.

Griffin Realised the Disadvantages

A cabman rushed to catch the basket and his hands met Griffin’s neck. Griffin was hurt and the crowd rushed to the scene. Griffin was in the danger of being discovered. So, he ran away from the place.

On the street, his feet got stamped, his shoulder got bruised and most of all, he was stark naked and thus caught a cold.

Griffin grew Helpless

Griffin’s initial happiness had flown away and he thought how he was going to get out of the mess he was in. He was feeling so helpless that he nearly cried. Then a dog traced him. Griffin realised that the dog could smell him. Griffin was again in danger of being discovered and ran away.

Footprints Without Feet

A procession was coming his way and Griffin thought that he would not be able to go through them. Moreover, he did not want to get away from his house.

He ran up the white steps of a house without being realising  that he was of leaving footprints behind. Two little children noticed the imprints. The fear of being caught paralysed Griffin, but somehow he was able to give them a slip.

Kemp Appeared to be Nervous

Griffin was narrating his first outing as an Invisible man and what a disaster it had been! He was hurt, bruised and had caught a cold also. On his way home, he collided with ”any people and left them in utter shock.

Upon reaching his street, Griffin realised that he had burned the house down. Only his three books and a cheque book remained which he had put at the post-office. Kemp was nervously looking outside and asked him to continue.

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Detailed Summary of Chapter 22: In The Emporium

Griffin Searched for Food and Shelter

It was January and Griffin was in an awful state. He had no home, food or clothes. Moreover, he could not tell his secret to anyone. It was biting cold and the first thing on his mind was to find shelter from the snow. He had an idea and went to Omniums—a huge departmental store. He got entry there after waiting for sometime.

Griffin Waited Till the Store was Empty

There were many people in the store at that time. So, Griffin climbed over a pile of mattresses. There, he waited and kept an eye on the things happening around him.

He was waiting for the place to get empty and make the loot. After the customers had gone and the workers had tidied up the place, the store was closed. Griffin was now alone and came down.

At Peace after a Long Time

He went straight towards the clothing section and adorned many things—from socks to hat. His next hit was the food. Near the toy department, he had a brilliant idea. He could fake an appearance by using false items. Finally, he went to sleep and was at peace after a long time. But he had nightmares that night.

Out in the Open Again

Unfortunately for him, he slept till late and the store opened. He was spotted. The workers ran after him. Griffin tried to hide, but somebody saw him.He resorted to hurting his pursuers and created a mess at the store. Finally, he had to take all his clothes off to go out of sight.He could not take any loot outside and decided that all was vain. He left the store directionless.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 23: In Drury Lane

Griffin was at a Disadvantage

Griffin continued with his story and told Dr Kemp that he was at a disadvantage due to his condition as he could not eat, had no shelter, no clothes and it was snowing. Even the rain and fog could give away his secret.

Griffin’s Plan

In the slums of Great Portland Street, Griffin found a shop of decorations and he was immediately struck by an idea. He thought that all his problems were over. He was planning to adorn a fake nose, a wig, mask etc- just to fake an appearance and make himself look like a real human being. On his way to one of the shops, he collided with someone and was nearly run over by a carriage. The experience frightened him and it took some time before he was in his senses again.

In Drury Lane

Finally, Griffin reached the shop of his desire in Drury Lane. It was on old-fashioned shop with a four storey house above it. There was no one in the shop and Griffin entered. The gate had a clanking bell and immediately the owner of the house, a short hunched man, came running down. He thought that the boys were playing pranks on him.

The Man had a Very Sharp Hearing

Griffin tried to follow the man, but he sensed it and the quickness of his ear surprised Griffin a lot. The man was very suspicious and quite unsatisfied. He was busy washing his plates when Griffin put some coal in the fire. Immediately, the man came running upstairs. When Griffin was following him on the stairs , he suddenly stopped and was just an inch away from Griffin’s face.

Griffin got Locked

The man was becoming aware of Griffin’s movements about him. Griffin started exploring the house. Griffin was nearly caught when he was searching for clothes. This made the hunchback furious. He started locking the doors of the house and before Griffin could do anything, he was locked in the room.

Griffin decided to Subdue the Man

Griffin was angry but decided to put on some clothes. However, in this process, a pile from the upper shelf fell. The short man came and actually touched Griffin. He was amazed, but then thought that it was rats. Now Griffin could hardly control himself and he knocked him out cold. Dr Kemp was horrified but Griffin justified that the occasion needed such an action. He further tied him securely in a bag made of sheets. He was not bothered about what had happened of this man.

Griffin found Many Things

Now Griffin was alone in the house. He began his search. Firstly, he went for the food. Everything he found he kept in the storeroom. He also found some make-up material. He also found some masks, glasses and other stuff. There was money also. After getting dressed up, he was not sure and checked his appearance thoroughly till he was convinced that he can pull it off

His Troubles were Not Over

Griffin grew over-confident only to realise that he could not even eat out in the open. He found himself a private room saying that he was badly disfigured. He had never dreamt that, so many troubles would encounter him after getting invisible. He was trying to get visible again and for that purpose he had gone to Iping. However, things got out of his hands there. Moreover, now everybody knew that he existed. These things filled him with more rage.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 24: The Plan That Failed

Griffin Continued with his Story

Dr Kemp saw some men coming up to the house. He tried to keep Griffin busy all this while. He asked about his plans. Griffin said that he was trying to get out of the country to a much warmer place. It would not be that difficult for an invisible man. But Mr Marvel had run away with his books and money. The books were vital and he wanted them back.

Griffin’s Sinister Plans

Griffin said that running into Dr Kemp had changed his plans. He was now thinking of all the things that he could manage to do if he had a side-kick like Dr Kemp. He further talked of the purposes for which he could use his invisibility. Finally, he confided in Dr Kemp his plan to establish a reign of terror. To do this, he wanted to murder someone. Dr Kemp was shocked and tried to tell him otherwise. But Griffin wanted to kill all those who came in his way.

Dr Kemp had Cheated Griffin

Just then, sounds were heard from downstairs. Dr Kemp knew that it was the police and he tried to divide Griffin’s attention. But when Griffin tried to open the door, he blocked him. In an instant Griffin realised that Dr Kemp had cheated him. He took his clothes off, hit Dr Kemp as hard as he could and before anyone could make a move, he had escaped.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 25: The Hunting of the Invisible Man

“He is Pure Selfishness”

Dr Kemp could hardly speak after his fight with Griffin. Dr Kemp said that Griffin was mad. He was a selfish human being. He further said that Griffin must be stopped or he would next turn to killing people as he simply wanted to create panic.

The Plan was Set

Dr Kemp said that every available man should be put to hunt. He wanted to stop Griffin from escaping. He knew that the only thing that could stop him from leaving the place was his three books. Adye informed him that Mr Marvel had denied having those books. Dr Kemp said that they must stop him from eating or sleeping and every single person should be on alert.

Griffin was Responsible for Himself

Dr Kemp further said that they should use dogs as they could smell him. Adye said that he could arrange for bloodhounds. Another important thing was that the food eaten by Griffin was visible until it had been absorbed. He also wanted powdered glass on the roads as Griffin was bare feet. Dr Kemp feared that now he would be more furious, but Griffin was the one who had went against humanity and whatever happened to him, only he was responsible for the consequences.

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Detailed Summary of Chapter 26: The Wicksteed Murder

Griffin was Filled with Rage

The narrator continued by giving the details of Griffin’s ferocious nature. He was filled with rage when he ran from Dr Kemp ‘s house and he threw a little child so hard that his ankle was broken. After that, his trace disappeared for hours. But the narrator says that one can imagine his state of mind.

Griffin was Hurt by Kemp’s Treachery

The narrator says that there was no doubt in Griffin being hurt and highly irritated by what Dr Kemp had done with him. The thought of what had happened at the Oxford Street must have returned. After two o’clock, it would have become difficult to escape using trains and the whole town was on high alert. In the evening, he must have read the proclamations, saw the doors locked and must have realised that the information he gave to Dr Kemp was being used against him.

The Wicksteed Murder

Before nightfall, the town was filled with terror as the news of Mr Wicksteed’s murder spread. The narrator was not sure about the events that led to his brutal death, but everyone suspected that it was Griffin who had done it. Mr Wicksteed was last seen alive by a little girl. He was beaten by an iron rod. The evidences showed that the invisible man was at work.

The Invisible Man’s Remorse

The narrator again stated that Griffin could have avoided the wars, but in the position he was or was put by the residents of the town forced him to commit the murder, though it was pure hypothesis. The narrator thought that the sight of his first victim lying in blood must have filled Griffin with remorse. But he was being hunt and this made him struggle. The next day, he was ready to prepare for a fight back.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 27: The Siege of Kemp’s House

Threat Letter Arrived

The next day, Dr Kemp received a letter. The letter was written by Griffin and he the threatened to murder Dr Kemp for his treachery. He warned others to not to come in his way. Dr Kemp was scared, but kept his cool. He saw this as an opportunity to lure Griffin out and finally arrest him. He wrote a note to Colonel Adye and sent one of the servants.

The Servant got Ambushed

Colonel Adye arrived and informed Dr Kemp that the servant he had sent was assaulted by Griffin and the note was taken away. Dr Kemp informed him of the letter and realised that he had made a mistake. It was a foolish plan. Suddenly, the windows of the house started getting smashed. The siege of Dr Kemp’s house had begun.

Colonel Adye got Killed

Colonel Adye understood that they were no match for the Invisible and he must get help. But Griffin was on the prowl. Colonel Adye asked for a revolver and after some hesitation, Dr Kemp gave up his own. Adye ran out, but Gffin stopped him. He said that he cannot let Adye go as he would get help. He wanted Adye to return to the house and had no intention of hurting him. But Adye tried to deceive Griffin and in the struggle he was shot dead.

Help Arrived for Dr Kemp

Things went very still after that. But then the knocking began once again. Griffin had found an axe and started slamming the kitchen door. Dr Kemp knew that it will not hold Griffin much longer. However, help also arrived. The maid had arrived with two policemen. Dr Kemp informed them that Griffin had killed Colonel Adye and had a revolver. They got pokers and waited for Griffin.

Griffin was Hurt and Escaped

Griffin got in brandishing the revolver and the axe. Though ill-equipped the policemen started to struggle. A shot was fired, but missed its spot. The other policeman brought the poker down and the revolver fell from Griffin’s hand. He said that he didn’t want to hurt the two. But they replied that they wanted to catch him. Then Griffin hurt one of them with the axe.However the other one was quick to react and hit the air hard. The poker hit Griffin’s hand and broke it. Griffin escaped and Dr Kemp and the maid also escaped.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 28: The Hunter Haunted

Mr Heelas doesn’t Allow Shelter to Dr Kemp

Mr Heelas was a non-believer in the Invisible Man’s story. He was sleeping when the siege of Dr Kemp’s house had begun and when he woke up, he could not believe what he saw. The house had been turned to ruins. Then, he saw Dr Kemp running towards his house and at once realised that the Invisible Man was after him. He denied Dr Kemp shelter.

Dr Kemp Ran for his Life

Dr Kemp ran for his life for he knew that Griffin was after him and wanted to murder him. Though he was being followed by a mad man, he kept his cool. He ran over obstacles to slow Griffin down. But as he ran towards the houses, he found them all closed. No one was on the roads and the doors were bolted as he had asked people to stay like that.

People Came Out to Help Dr Kemp

Dr Kemp kept running but he couldn’t make up his mind about where to seek shelter. He wanted to reach the police station, but abandoned the idea. Meanwhile, many people saw him and hearing his shouts came out to help him. They started running towards him and tried to provide him with some Cover.

Griffin Reaped What He had Sown

As others were trying to defend Dr Kemp, Griffin started beating him. In an instant, he was choking him. But Dr Kemp held his broken arm and cried. Suddenly, a labourer hit him with a spade. Griffin started bleeding. They all held him down and he started crying for mercy. Dr Kemp asked everybody to leave him. However, he was too late and Griffin had died in the struggle. After his death, his body became visible again. But the ‘gifted physicist’ met a tragic end.


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