Detailed Summary of Chapter 1 to 5 from The Invisible Man

Here in this post you’ll will get the detailed summary of chapter 1 to 5 from the novel The Invisible Man. Read Summaries of other chapters here:

Detailed Summary of Chapter  1. The Strange Man’s Arrival

The Stranger at Iping

The story began with a stranger arriving at the Bramblehurst railway station. It was February and the snowstorm was at its fury. He was wrapped from head to toe with only his shiny pink nose in the view. He was also wearing blue spectacles with sidelights. He entered into the “Coach and Horses” and asked for a room.

An Unusual Time for the Visit.

It was nail biting cold. in Iping and the appearance of a guest in the winter season was something unheard of. Mrs Hall, the owner of the inn, was delighted to have a guest at this time of the year, She made him some supper and went to his room. Though the fire was on, the man still persisted in keeping himself covered. Mrs Hall asked hi to take the coat and the hat off, but he refused. Later, when she went to serve him lunch, he was still standing at the window, all covered up.

The Strange Appearance of the Visitor

The next time Mrs Hall saw the stranger, he had his over-coat and hat removed. She met a ghastly sight that made her heart skip a beat. The stranger’s forehead above his blue glasses was covered by white bandage, and that another covered his ears, His hair escaping through the bandages looked like tails and horns, giving him the most unimaginable appearance.

The Stranger Finally Talks

Mrs Hall perceived that probably the visitor had a very bad accident and that had disfigured his face. She felt sorry for him. The next time when she went to clear his lunch, the stranger finally talked to her. He asked if his luggage could be bought from the station that very day. Mrs Hall replied in negative. Mrs Hall initiated further conversation, but then he abruptly told her to bring some matches. She found his behaviour quite rude, but realising the sovereigns that he had given, she went to get the matches for him. The visitor spent the night in the loneliness without making much audible noise.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 2. Mr. Teddy Henfrey’s First Impressions

Mr Teddy Henfrey

Mr teddy Henfrey was a clock-repairer who arrived at the inn in bitter cold. Mrs Hall used this opportunity to take him to the stranger’s room and also ask the stranger if he wanted some tea. Mrs hall opened the door without knocking and in the dim light noticed the stranger.

She was dazzled to see that the stranger had no lower jaw beneath his bandaged mouth. However, she overcome her perception and thought that the dim light must have deceived her.

The Stranger Asked not to be Disturbed

Mr Henfrey was taken aback by the ghostly appearance of the stranger. The stranger said that he didn’t like be disturbed, but the clock-mending would certainly be helpful. He further asked Mrs Hall about his luggage and informed the two that he was an experimental investigator. Hence, his luggage was very important. he further told them that he had come to Iping for solitude and after the ‘accident’ – that supposedly left him in bandages – it had become a necessity.
Moreover, he explained to them the reasons for what others might perceive as his strange behaviour.

Mr teddy was Snubbed by the Stranger

Mrs Hall left Henfrey to fix the clock. Henfrey took a long time with the clock on purpose, so that he could see more of the stranger. The stranger kept staring at this and this made Henfrey uneasy. Je tried to start a conversation with the stranger, but the stranger caught him wasting time. He told him to finish it fast and get out. Henfrey was very annoyed, but left his room.

Teddy Met Mr Hall; told him about the Stranger

On his way, Henfrey though that the stranger was perhaps wanted by the police as he was all wrapped and bandaged to conceal his identity. He met Mr Hall at a crossing, mr Hall has recently married Mrs Hall and drove a carriage. He appeared to be drunk the way he was driving. he told him about the stranger and said that his appearance looked a sort of disguise.

Mr Hall Ran Home but got Rebuked

When Mr Hall inquired about the stranger, he got rebuked by his wife for returning home drunk. Still he was determined to know more of their guest. He scrutinised his papers left in the parlour. he further told his wife to search the stranger’s luggage the next day, but she snapped and told him to mind his own business. However, it was clear from the dream, that Mrs hall had that she herself was little suspicious about the stranger.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 3. The Thousand and One Bottles

A Dog Attacked the Stranger

The luggage of the stranger man arrived. It was a “remarkable” luggage. It had six trunks and with them were big, fat books, of which some were in unreadable writing. There were crates and cases containing objects packed in straw.
The cart driver, Fearenside and Mr Hall were talking when the stranger came running for his luggage.
At that very instant, Farenside’s dog jumped at the stranger. The dog tore off the glove and the trowser of the stranger.

Mr Hall Got a Concussion

The stranger was probably hurt and he ran inside. Mr Hall went after the guest to ask if  he was fine. He entered the stranger’s room without announcing himself.
The room was dim. He saw something coming towards him. But he couldn’t make out what it was. The next thing he knew was being struck violently in the chest, hurled back and the door slammed in his face.

The Stranger Started Working

The stranger comes down. He had changed his trouser and gloves. Fearenside apologised for his dog, but the stranger assured him that he was not hurt.
As soon as the first box was bought in the parlour, the stranger began to unpack. There were bottles of all the shapes and sizes in all of the crates.

Mr Hall Again Experienced Something Obscure

The stranger was deeply engrossed in his work. The fire was out and the straw was scattered all over when Mrs Hall dropped in.
He was so busy that he didn’t hear her knocking or even coming in. When she put down the tray, he turned to look at her, but immediately looked away.
Mrs Hall thought that his eye sockets were hollow. The stranger complained that he was being disturbed.

The Stranger Created a Mess

All afternoon he worked silently only once there was a bang as though something bad had happened. Fearing that something had gone wrong, she went near his room, but didn’t enter. She heard him talking to himself.
Thinking that the stranger must have resumed his work, she went down. When she came again with his dinner, she found a broken glass in the corner. She complained and received the unusual response that she could put the expenses of the damage in his bill.

Fearenside’s Impressions

Fearenside and Teddy were later talking about the stranger. Fearenside said that the man was probable a spotted one as his nose was pink his legs and hands were black. He must be ashamed of himself and that is why, kept himself covered all the time Teddy said that “it was a rummy case altogether”.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 4. Mr. Cuss Interviews the Stranger

Money Kept Mrs Hall Mum

The narrator tells us that nothing much happened later, but two incidents would certainly draw reader’s attention.
The stranger kept having small issues with Mrs Hall over his domestic demeanour, but he always shut her up by asking her to bill him extra.

The Stranger was a Loner

The stranger did not go to church. However, there were days when he would work round the clock and days when he wouldn’t work at all.
His behaviour was always unpredictable. He was also violent sometimes. He had no communication with the outside world and rarely went out in broad daylight.

The stranger was Talk of the Town

The stranger had become the talk of the town. Opinion was greatly divided about his occupation. Mrs Hall kept defending her guest by saying that the man was an ‘experimental investigator’ and he had an accident which had left him discoloured.Some thought that he was a criminal and thus, remained in hiding. Then, there were talks of him being a piebald. But all of the Iping disliked him.

Mr Cuss was Curious

Mr Cuss, the general practitioner, was very much interested in the stranger. He wanted to know why the man possessed a thousand and one bottles. He used the excuse of a nurse fund and visited the stranger. While the two men were talking, Mrs stood outside and tried to hear what was happening.

She heard a cry of surprise, then a curious laughter and then Cuss Appeared. No sooner that he had appeared, Mr Cuss ran across the hall and right down the road.

“A Most Remarkable Story”

Mr Cuss went straight to Mr Bunting, the Vicar. He thought that he had gone mad. He started narrating the things that he had just seen. He told Mr Bunting that the stranger was a man of irritable temper.
He saw that the stranger threw something in the fire, but was unable to see his hand. He was astonished and then the stranger scared him.
he showed his his sleeves, but there was no hand. Then he touched Mr Cuss’s nose, but Mr Cuss could not see anything. Mr Bunting concluded that it was a most remarkable story.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 5. The Burglary and the Vicarage

The Buntings were Awaken

The day was about to come up when Mrs Bunting was suddenly awoken. She thought that perhaps the door of their bedroom was opened and closed simultaneously. Then she heard te sounds from someone’s footsteps.
She made sure that a burglar was at work before waking her husband up. They both went down and heard someone searching in their study.

There was no Burglar

Rev Mr Bunting armed himself with the poker and went after the burglar. It was around four in the morning. Mr Bunting moved towards the study cautiously. They could hear the rustle of papers.
Then a candle was lit in the study, but no one was visible. Mr Bunting reached near the study. From the crack of the door, he could see the open drawers and the lit candle, but there was no burglar.

The Couple was Left Astonished

Then they heard the chink of money. Realising that the robber had found the gold coins, Mr Bunting barged into the room. They were certain that someone was there, but there was no one in the study. They searched the room and found that their money was gone.

At that moment, there was a sneeze in the passage. Mr Bunting ran towards that way. He heard the kitchen door being opened. The couple kept staring, but they could see no one. There was not a soul in the house.


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