Detailed Summary of Chapter 16 to 20 from The Invisible Man

Here in this post you’ll will get the detailed summary of chapter 16 to 20 from the novel The Invisible Man. Read Summaries of other chapters here:

Detailed Summary of Chapter 16: In The “Joly Cricketers”

Mr Marvel Entered the Jolly Cricketers

The people in the Jolly Cricketers inn were at ease, but then they heard the shouting in the street. Suddenly, Mr Marvel entered the inn. He was panting and scared to death. He cried that the Invisible Man was after his life and further asked for help.

The People in the Inn were Courageous

The people in the inn at that time were quite courageous. Firstly, they tried to calm Mr Marvel by ensuring him that he was safe and the doors were bolted, They were all ready to help him, but Mr Marvel was too much scared and ran here and there to find a place to hide. While he made frantic efforts to hide, others around him made a strategy to catch the Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man was Very Clever

There was rapping on the front door and then a window was smashed. The policeman wished he had his truncheon with him. The plan was to let the Invisible Man try to enter from the front door. The man with the black beard held his revolver to shoot the Invisible Man. However, the Invisible man was very sneaky and entered from the back door.

The Fighting in the Inn

The Invisible man was in the inn and nobody had a trace of him. Suddenly, Mr Marvel was caught by an unseen force and the black beard man fired a shot. Mr Marvel started to make frantic efforts. The others jumped to save him. The fight began and Mr Marvel was dragged into the kitchen.

Shots were Fired

The fight was on and the cabman got hold of the Invisible Man. The policeman stamped on his foot and for the first time, the Invisible Man’s voice was heard. Then he went out of the door and the others followed. The black beard man shot five bullets in the direction of the Invisible Man. There was silence. He thought that he had hit the Invisible Man.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 17: Dr Kemp’s Visitor

The Runaway Ring

Dr Kemp was in his study when he heard shots being fired at the Jolly Cricketers. He brushed it aside and went to his writing desk. After an hour, the front-door bell rang. Dr Kemp thought that it was a letter as he could hear no one coming in. He enquired and his maid replied that it was just a runaway ring. This made him restless.

The Bloodstains

Dr Kemp worked till 2 am and then went to bed. After a while he got thirsty and came to the kitchen. On his way down, he spotted a dark stain on the mat. It was drying blood. He was muddled with thoughts, but returned to his room. However, he again noticed that the door-knob of his own room was blood stained.

The Invisible Man Revealed his Identity

In his room, there was blood at many places and the sheets were torn. He also heard his name being called. He also saw a bloodstained bandage hanging in mid air. Then, the Voice took his name. The Voice introduced himself as the Invisible Man. Initially, Dr Kemp had a hard time believing the Voice. But then the Invisible Man told him that he was an old acquaintance- Griffin; they knew each other since college. It took some time before Dr Kemp came to his senses.

Griffin Asked for Food and Clothing

Griffin told Dr Kemp that he was starving and asked for whiskey, food and clothing. Dr Kemp was completely amazed. The things happening in front of him were the insanest things ever happened in his life. Dr Kemp wanted to know how he became invisible. But Griffin kept dodging his questions. He also demanded a cigar.

Griffin was too Tired to even Talk

Dr Kemp kept shooting questions at Griffin and he sometimes answered and sometimes he didn’t. Griffin did mention Mr Marvel and tit-bits about the struggle at the inn and the subsequent shooting. He further told Dr Kemp that he was too tired and wanted to retire for the night. However, the thought of Dr Kemp deceiving him kept lurking in his mind.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 18: The Invisible Man Sleeps

Griffin Threatened Dr Kemp

Griffin was having a hard time believing Dr Kemp though Dr Kemp had ensured him that he could sleep peacefully in his house. Griffin kept all his options open and saw to it that his escape would be possible if the situation demanded. However, before going to sleep, he threatened Dr Kemp. Dr Kemp was hurt. He said that he had given his word.

Dr Kemp Searched for Facts

Dr Kemp was still in doubt, but the Invisible Man was an undeniable fact. He tried to reason if such a thing was even possible. He searched the newspapers to find more facts than Griffin had given him. He thought that the story was a mere fabrication and nothing else. Later, he concluded that Griffin was murderous. He also found about his little accomplice, Mr Marvel.

Griffin Woke Up

The investigation business went through the night. The servants woke up and Dr Kemp asked a breakfast to be laid for two. He was going through a dilemma. He wanted to inform someone about his presence, but then he had also given Griffin his word. He wrote a note for Colonel Adye. Just then Griffin woke up and Dr Kemp heard a tumbler being smashed. He rushed upstairs to check on Griffin.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 19: Certain First Principles

Griffin’s Secret was Out in the Newspapers

Dr Kemp came running to Griffin’s room and enquired about the smashing sound. Griffin replied that he had lost his temper. Dr Kemp further informed him that his secret was in the newspapers. People knew about his existence.

Griffin Explained his Invisibility

Dr Kemp said that if Griffin needed his help then he must give him some details about his transparent form. Griffin narrated the incidents that led him to make this discovery. Initially, he was a medical student, but light and physics fascinated him more. So, he switched over. He further informed Dr Kemp that he somehow discovered a formula to lower down the refractive index of substances which could lead to invisibility.

Griffin told about his Research

Griffin left London (and University College) six years ago and went to Chesilstowe, where he was a teacher and a student. He had the idea in his mind and started developing it from there. But he had to keep his research a secret as his professor was a thief of ideas. He didn’t want to lose the credit for his own research. He never mentioned his research to anyone.

Griffin got a Breakthrough

Griffin was alone one night in the laboratory when he figured out how to make a man invisible. His joy knew no bounds. After three years of teaching and research, he didn’t have the money he needed to complete his research. So, he resorted to thievery and robbed his father. Unfortunately, the money he stole was not actually his father’s and he shot himself dead.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 20: At the House in Great Portland Street

Griffin went to Bury his Father

Griffin had stolen his father’s money which led to his suicide. But Griffin was not feeling sorry for his father. When he went to bury him, he didn’t even try to save his character and thought that the old man was himself responsible for , everything. However, walking down the old streets reminded him of the past things.

The First Success

Griffin reiterated his point that the other details were in the three books and thus, they were very important. The first thing he tried to make invisible was a bit of white wool fabric. When it vanished, Griffin could hardly believe it.

Griffin made a Cat Invisible

A cat appeared on his window and Griffin thought that he had got another thing to experiment with. Griffin gave her milk and later processed her. But it was a hard task as it would not take drugs. The experiment failed. The claws and the tapetum would not disappear and Griffin was unable to understand why it was happening. Then an old woman heard her sounds and came in search of her She suspected Griffin of experimenting on animals.

Griffin had a Fight with the Landlord

The next day Griffin remembered quite clearly. Though he was within touching distance of his dream, he was not excited. He thought that perhaps he was tired, had a drink and slept. The landlord came asking for the rent and made many enquiries. The old woman had probably told him about the cat. He also thought that Griffin’s behaviour was curious. He peeped into the room and Griffin thought that his research was in danger. Griffin lost his temper and threw him out. An act he later had to regret.

Griffin Decided to Vanish

After the fight, thee was a crisis situation. Griffin knew that he would be thrown out and he had so little money to find a new apartment. Moreover, he fight, there was a crisis situation. Griffin knew that he would be After the had to move the apparatus. He prepared by sending his three books and a Cheque book to the nearby post-office from where he could collect them later.

The invisible Man

Griffin was under the influence of drugs when the landlord came with a legal notice. He opened the door and the landlord was left frightened as his face had ruined white. The night was painful and agonising. His skin was on fire and Griffin had never expected this suffering. Griffin held on till the end and somehow survived the transformation. When he woke up later his strength had returned.

Griffin Dismantled the Apparatus

Griffin started to dismantle the apparatus as there was rapping on the door. He was near the window when the door was banged. But it didn’t open due to the locks. After Griffin had managed to go out, the door Was smashed open.

The landlord, his two step-sons and the old lady entered only to find the place empty. The landlord agreed with the old woman that Griffin was a vivisectionist while his sons said that he was an electrician as there were dynamos in the room. Later, Griffin smashed the radiators also.

Griffin Set the House on Fire

Griffin remained downstairs while the others argued about him. He had already planned to burn everything in his room and took a box of matches. He also set the gas on. He fired the house. Dr Kemp was shocked to hear this description. Griffin justified his act by saying that it was the only way to cover his trail. Now he was invisible and could do anything without the fear of being Caught.

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