Detailed Summary of Chapter 11 to 15 from The Invisible Man

Here in this post you’ll will get the detailed summary of chapter 11 to 15 from the novel The Invisible Man. Read Summaries of other chapters here:

Detailed Summary of Chapter 11. In the ‘ Coach and Horses ‘

Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting in the Invisible Man’s Room

The narrator takes the reader into flashback to explain the events that happened when Mr Marvel had made his first visit to Iping. Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting were in the Invisible Man’s room. Mr Hall had given them permission to examine the Invisible Man’s belongings.

The Invisible Man Diaries

Mr Cuss found the three diaries that belonged to the Invisible Man. He was happy as he hoped to get some clues now. But the diaries were written in some sort of code. The two were unable to make out what it said. Mr Cuss thought that perhaps it was in Greek and Mr Bunting could read it. Unfortunately, Mr Bunting had forgotten all his Greek.

Mr Marvel Intruded the Two

Just then, the two investigators were interrupted by Mr Marvel. They thought that perhaps it was a sailor. In fact, Mr marvel had led the Invisible Man in. The two investigators didn’t realise this.

Mr Bunting argued that he did not believe in the story of the Invisible Man. He thought that perhaps what the people saw was a work of some magician. However, Mr Cuss was sure about what he observed.

The Invisible Man Threatened the Two

As Mr Cuss asked Mr Bunting to look at a page, he felt that someone had gripped his neck from behind. His head was trashed into the table and before he could understand anything, he was that Mr Cuss had met the same fate too. The Invisible Man was angry over their intrusion into his belongings. He subdued them by threatening to murder them. He further demanded his diaries.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 12. The Invisible Man Looses His Temper

Curious Sound from the Parlour

Mr Teddy and Mr Hall heard some curious sounds coming from the Invisible Man’s room in which Mr Bunting and Mr Cuss were present. They inquired if the two investigators were all right. They, however, replied to not to interrupt them. Things seemed quite unusual.

Mr Huxter raised an Alarm

Mrs Hall reprimanded her husband for wasting time on a busy day. She didn’t know of the sound coming from the parlour. Mr Bunting told her about they had heard. She thought that probably the two investigators were engrossed in their work. Just then Mr Huxter raised an alarm. He started running after the thief Mr Marvel.

Everybody Started Chasing Mr Marvel

Mr huxter’s chase was brought to a halt by the Invisible man. Everybody thought that Mr Marvel was the Invisible Man who had suddenly become visible. The men in pursuit were then attacked by the Invisible Man.

“He’s coming back, Bunting!”

In the meantime Mr Cuss appeared. He had no idea of the presence of Mr Marvel. As he joined the pursuit, he was knocked off his feet twice and he at once realised that the Invisible Man was responsible for this. he came running back to the inn shouting that the Invisible Man was comping and he was mad with rage.

The Invisible Man Lost His Temper

Everybody was running helter—skelter and whosoever came in the Invisible man way was hurt. Initially he had just wanted to help Mr Marvel escape, but then he lost his temper and started hurting people just for his satisfaction. He even broke every single window of the ‘“Coach and Horses“. The incident left the Village of Iping in ruins. The Invisible Man vanished from Iping never to return again.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 13. Mr Marvel Discusses his Resignation

Mr Marvel Got Threatened

The scene shifts from the village of Iping. The two partners in crime – Mr Marvel and the Invisible Man were seen walking in the woods. The Invisible Man was very angry with Mr Marvel as the later had tried to run away with his things. Moreover, he was furious that his secret was out now and the incident in Iping would be out in the newspapers. He further threatened Mr Marvel of dire consequences if he tried to run away again. Mr Marvel denied the accusation.

Mr Marvel Wanted to Resign

Mr Marvel was hopeless. He knew that he was stuck with the Invisible Man. He tried to make him realise that he was not of any use and would probably spoil his plans one day. The Invisible Man kept bullying him. Mr Marvel further tried to convince the Invisible Man that he was too week to carry out his plans and that he was more of a burden.

Mr Marvel was Not Excused

Mr Marvel was too timid. He said that the things wanted him were ‘devilish hard’. He wanted to show the Invisible Man that he was bound to fail. But the Invisible Man was not ready to let him go away. Mr Marvel has fear in his heart and he wondered what should the Invisible Man ask him to do next.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 14. At Port Stowe

Mr Marvel at Port Stowe

Mr Marvel and the Invisible Man reached Port Stowe. Mr Marvel looked quite worn-out. He has the Invisible Man’s book with him. He was very nervous and uncomfortable. No one took notice of the tramp, but still he was very disturbed and his hands were trembling.

A Mariner Approached

A mariner came and sat next to him. the mariner’s mind was filled with the extra-ordinary news about the Invisible Man in the newspaper. Moreover, he heard the sound of coins near Mr Marvel and wondered how he got any money. They started discussing the news about the Invisible Man.

Mr Marvel Tried to let out the Secret

Mr Marvel wondered if there was something about the Invisible Man’s aid in the newspaper. Actually he was searching for his mention. He grew a little more nervous and in an undertone, tried to tell the mariner that he knew many things about the Invisible Man. But as he was about to do so, the Invisible man started hurting him.

Mr Marvel Lacked Manners

After getting hurt and realised that the Invisible Man was near them, Mr Marvel rose up and called the news a hoax. The mariner was taken aback and he wished to talk more. But Mr Marvel was in a hurry. The Invisible Man was continuously hurting and guiding him. The mariner grew angry at this behaviour of Mr Marvel.

The Mariner Realised the Truth

A friend of mariner had seen money flying in thin air, but was unable to get hold of it. later, the mariner heard stories about a bunch of robberies and how people just saw money floating away. The truth dawned upon him. He realised what had happened at Port Stowe with the dirty tramp.

Detailed Summary of Chapter 15. A Man Who Was Running

The Peculiar Man

Dr Kemp was in his study. He noticed a man running down the gill. He considered him to be a fool. He thought that he was also one of those people, who were haunted by the Invisible Man’s mania. Dr Kemp could comprehend that the man had something in his pocket.

“The Invisible Man is Coming!”

Dr Kemp turned his attention away from the running man. But the people who observed Mr Marvel more closely could clearly see horror on his face. The onlookers were confused. After him, came the sound of a man running behind him, but there was no one visible. In a moment, people realised that the Invisible Man was after him.

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