Question Answers For The Invisible Man Novel

Β In this post you will get most important Questions Answers from The Invisible Man Novel. Read them and prepare them well for your class 12 cbse board examinations to get good marks.

Question 1. The stranger’s arrival at the inn was an unusual event. Moreover, his behaviour was very rude. Why did Mrs Hall put up with the antics of the stranger then?

Answer. It was February when the stranger arrived at the “Coach and Horses” inn in Iping. It was a time of biting cold with wind and snow. Not many people visited Iping in winters and hence, the inn business must have been low. To have a guest at that time of the year was something unheard of. Mrs Hall was very happy. Moreover, the stranger did no bargaining. He gave her two gold coins. However, he was a very rude character. He snubbed her many times and even destroyed some property of the inn. However, Mrs Hall kept her cool because every time she confronted him for the damage, he told her to bill him down. The money kept coming in and Mrs Hall didn’t want to lose the customer until it was holiday season again.

Q 2. Describe the appearance of the stranger when he arrived at the inn. Why was Mrs Hall scared out of her wits by his appearance?

Answer. The stranger was wrapped from head to toe and the large hat that he wore hid every inch of his face except the shiny tip of his nose. Mrs Hall gave him a room. When she went there, she noticed that his clothes were still on. He was also wearing big blue spectacles with sidelights and had a bush side-whisker over his coat-collar that completely hid his cheeks and face. The next time she went into the room, she saw that the stranger had taken off his overcoat and hat. He was holding a handkerchief to his mouth that hid the lower portion of his jaw and that made his voice muffled. But what was more startling was that his whole face, except his pink nose, was covered in bandages. His hair bent through the bandages and gave him the most grotesque appearance. It gave Mrs Hall the shock of her life.

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Question 3. Describe Teddy Henfrey’s first impression of the Invisible Man.

Answer. The Invisible Man was sleeping when Mrs Hall came with Mr Teddy Henfrey, the clock-jobber. He woke up with a startle. When Teddy entered, he was ‘taken aback’ by the bandaged appearance of the man. Getting his consent, Mr Teddy Henfrey proceeded to work. But he worked as slow as possible. He wanted to know more about the stranger. The stranger kept staring at him and the silence of the room made Teddy nervous. He tried to start a conversation, but the stranger snubbed him. Moreover, the stranger told him that he was wasting time and he should concentrate on his work and leave. Mr Teddy was really annoyed at this behaviour. He was the first one to spread rumours about the Invisible Man. He thought that the man was bandaged as he was trying to run away from the police. He told Mr Hall the same thing and asked him to take a note of the situation.

Question 4. “It’s a rummy case altogether.” What was the ‘rummy case’? What possible explanation was given for it?

Answer. The unusual stranger was staying in the ‘Coach and Horses’ inn at Iping. He was eagerly waiting for his luggage to arrive. Fearenside, the cart-driver brought the luggage and was standing outside the inn with Mr Hall. The Invisible Man came running down. Just as he was about to reach the cart, Fearenside’s dog attacked him. His glove and trousers were torn apart. But he said that he was not hurt. Later, Mr Teddy and Fearenside met at the bar and discussed the incident. Fearenside said that the man was black as when he saw through the tore trousers, he expected that his skin would be pinkish. But it was complete blackness. Mr Teddy Henfrey said that it was a ‘rummy case’ because his nose was pink. Fearenside said that the man was probably a piebald. He thought that the man was half-breed and therefore, kept himself covered all the time

Question 5. “It’s a most remarkable story.” What made Mr Bunting say this?

Answer. Mr Cuss, the general practitioner at !ping village, was a curious cat by nature. He heard about the stranger staying at (ping. The news of him being covered in bandages excited his professional interest. He was also jealous to learn that the stranger had numerous bottles of chemicals with him. He made the excuse of a subscription and was able to arrange a meeting with him. Unfortunately, the interview ended abruptly and he ran straight to another bar where Mr Bunting was sitting. He told Mr Bunting that the stranger got irritated with him and what happened next made him shiver and ran thinking that he had gone insane. Actually, Griffin had scared him by showing his empty sleeve and poking his nose with his invisible hand. Though Mr Bunting looked suspiciously at Mr Cuss, he said that “it’s a most remarkable story.”

Question 6. How did Griffin move about in the village of Iping? What were the rumours revolving around regarding his bandages?

Answer. Griffin’s behaviour was very unusual. He did not go to church. Some days he would be continuously busy in his work and on others, he would just pace up and down in his room. His temper was very unpredictable. Moreover, he rarely went abroad by daylight and had no communication with the outside world. However, he always kept himself covered whether it was cold or hot. Griffin would walk on the loneliest paths and among the shades of the trees. People often got scared when they met him walking down the street. Moreover, his appearance made him the talk of the town. Mrs Hall kept telling everybody that he was an `experimental investigator’. However, many also believed that he was a criminal trying to hide himself in bandages. Some thought that he was an anarchist. Then there were people like Fearenside who believed that he was a piebald.

Question 7. Describe the burglary that took place at Mr Bunting’s house in your own words.

Answer. In the wee hours of Whit Monday, Mrs Bunting was woken up by a strong impression that the door of the bedroom had opened and closed. When she was sure that there was an intruder in the house, she woke Mr Bunting up. Mr Bunting didn’t act in haste and after making sure that a burglar was at work, armed himself with a poker and went down. The couple could hear the study drawers being opened and rustle of papers. A match was lit in the study. Mr Bunting tried to peek, but he could spot no one. Suddenly, they heard the chink of money and realised that the burglar had found the reserve. Mr Bunting barged into the room only to find the room perfectly empty. They were completely astonished. The candle was lit and the money was gone, but there was no one in the room. Then they ran towards the sound coming from the kitchen but not a soul was to be found.

Question 8. “My good old furniture! “Twas in that very chair my poor dear mother used to sit when I was a little girl. To think it should rise up against me now!” What had happened to Mrs Hall’s furniture?

Answer. In the early hours of Whit Monday, the Halls woke up to attend a private matter. They were to add sarsaparilla to their beer. Mr Hall went upstairs to get the bottle and was surprised to notice that the stranger’s door was open Then he found the front door open which they had bolted last night. Curiously, he knocked at the door of the room but the room was empty. He called Mrs Hall up. All the stranger’s clothes were lying here and there. Mrs Hall touched them and concluded from the coldness that he had been out for long. Just then, the bed clothes gathered themselves aside. The stranger’s hat attacked Mrs Hall’s face. The chair jumped came to life and charged at Mrs Hall’s face. The chair threw the couple outside. Mrs Hall thought that her furniture was haunted and it was the stranger who put spirits in them.

Question 9. Why did the narrator say that Mrs Hall had the better of the Invisible Man in the bar?

Answer. After the attack by the furniture, the Halls were thinking of throwing out the stranger. Mrs Hall was very upset at what had happened. Moreover, when Mr Hall demanded an explanation, the stranger was very rude and asked to be left alone. The Halls had enough of his temper and Mrs Hall decided that she would not serve him any longer. She could hear the stranger in rage and ringing the bell, but she was resolute. When the stranger asked for her, she immediately demanded her payment and asked him to keep his swearing to himself. Her furiousness made the stranger back down and it was felt in the bar that Mrs Hall had had the better of him. She also accused him of stealing and demanded explanation for his unusual disappearances.

Question 10. The people of Iping village were no match for the Invisible Man. What happened when they all tried to get him arrested?

Answer. The stranger was very furious when Mrs Hall accused him of stealing money from Mr Bunting’s house. In a fit of rage, the stranger unveiled himself. The inn was not prepared for this sight and the panicked people ran outside. Mr Jaffers came with the warrant to arrest him. He said that head or no head, he would arrest the man. A fight ensued between the stranger and him and Mr Jaffers got brutally beaten up. However, with the help of Mr Hall, Mr Wadgers and others, the Invisible Man was subdued. But before anyone could suspect, the Invisible Man took off all his clothes and the people were left fighting with an invisible figure. Obviously, they were no match for him. Anyone who tried to catch him was hit. Mr Jaffers tried his best to get hold of him but was so forcefully hit that he was rendered flat on the gravel.

Question 11. “Pull yourself together,” said the Voice, “for you have to do the job I’ve chosen for you.” Why had the Invisible Man chosen Mr Marvel? Did Mr Marvel prove his worth?

Answer. After running away from the Iping village, the Invisible Man was filled with murderous rage. He was hungry and without shelter or clothes in the biting cold. It was then that he spotted Mr Thomas Marvel. He perceived Marvel to be an outcast like him and thought that he could be of great help. He wanted Marvel to aid him and act as a sidekick. The Invisible Man promised him rewards for his services. But he also threatened him of dire consequences if Marvel tried to cheat him. However, Mr Marvel was an opportunist. He tried to run away from him at Iping, but was caught. He also tried to reveal the secret to a mariner at Port Stowe. He managed to escape from Griffin at Burdock, with his invaluable three books and all his heist. Thus, we can conclude that, he was a poor sidekick and very much responsible for Griffin’s downfall.

Question 12. Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting tried to play investigators, but Griffin humiliated them and still managed to escape with his three precious books. Elaborate.

Answer. The Invisible Man escaped from the ‘Coach and Horses’ even though many villagers tried to stop him. They were all perplexed and nobody knew about his true identity. Mr Cuss and Mr Bunting appear to be the most lettered persons of the village. They started to investigate the Invisible Man’s belongings. Mr Marvel was successful in letting Griffin enter into the room. Before they could realise, Griffin started banging their heads. He was angry and wanted his books. The two were no match for him and easily gave in. He made Mr Cuss wear a kilt and took away all the vicar’s clothes. Aided by Mr Marvel, Griffin was able to get away with his books. In this way, he humiliated and ridiculed the two investigators. He managed to sneak out the books right under their noses.

Question 13. The Invisible Man lost his temper and left the village of Iping in ruins. Comment.

Answer. The Invisible Man, Griffin, had planned with Mr Marvel that they would get his books back. The plan went good until Mr Marvel was suspected of thievery and Mr Huxter started chasing him. His chase was brought to a halt by Griffin. However, the whole village also started chasing him. Mr Marvel had Griffin’s precious books. If he would have been caught, Griffin would have had a major setback. Hence, he started hurting the pursuers. Initially he wanted to aid Mr Marvel’s escape, but then he lost his temper. He set to smiting and overthrowing people for the mere pleasure of causing harm. Then he broke all the windows of the ‘Coach and Horses’ and thrust a street lamp through the parlour window of Mrs Gribble. The streets of Iping were left deserted, all kinds of stuff lay scattered and no soul was to be seen.

Question 14. Why did Mr Marvel want to resign from the post of Griffin’s sidekick? Did Griffin let him go?

Answer. Mr Marvel was able to get away with Griffin’s things with some help from the latter. But he tried to sneak away from Griffin too. However, Griffin caught up with him and probably hurt him. He also threatened to kill Mr Marvel if he tried that sort of thing ever again. Initially, Mr Marvel had to give in before Griffin as he was chosen for his work. He was also promised to be rewarded handsomely. But perhaps, the heist that he had to do at ‘ping was too much for him. He no longer wanted to be a part of Griffin’s plans. He told him that he was a very bad aid and would probably get his plans failed. But Griffin was not ready to let go of him. He could easily empower the short man and needed him to carry his things around. Moreover, Mr Marvel could prove to be of more help. He didn’t want to lose this advantage by giving up his services.

Question 15. At Port Stowe, a mariner got talking to Mr Marvel. Describe their meeting in your own words. What kind of a person was the mariner?

Answer. Mr Marvel was sitting anxious on a bench in Port Stowe. A mariner came to him and started talking about a news published in the newspaper. It was about the Invisible Man. Mr Marvel was nervous. He tried to relate to the mariner that he knew many things about the Invisible Man. However, Griffin was just around him and started hurting him. Mr Marvel got up abruptly and leaving his listener hanging, left the place. The mariner was left irate. He shouted at Mr Marvel and said that he had no elementary manners. The mariner appears to be a lonely sort of a guy who would seek company in awkward news and wouldn’t mind talking to tramps. He was also easily influenced as he believed that the story of the Invisible Man was true because it came from a real place, equipped with names and details. He held his temper when Mr Marvel ignored him, but when he lost it, he came out shouting curses at him.

Question 16. How did the people at the ‘Jolly Cricketers’ react when Mr Marvel came running to them asking for refuge?

Answer. The atmosphere at the ‘Jolly Cricketers’ was relaxed when they heard shouting down the street. Suddenly, Mr Marvel opened the door and shouted that the Invisible Man was after him. He told the crowd that the Invisible Man wanted to murder him. The people there were quick to react and the policeman asked the door to be closed. The black beard man said that Mr Marvel was safe. Then there was rapping on the door. The barman provided Mr Marvel refuge. They were all brave and swift. They made a plan to catch the Invisible Man. The black beard man got his revolver out, but the policeman told him that he just couldn’t kill a man. He replied that he knew his laws and wanted to shoot at the legs. Griffin entered through the back door and got Mr Marvel. But they all jumped to save him. Finally, the struggle ended when the black beard man fired all ends out.

Question 17. “All men, however highly educated, retain some superstitious inklings.” How did the eerie feelings take over Dr Kemp?

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Answer. Dr Kemp was busy in his study when the bell of his front door rang. He expected that someone would come up, but upon inquiring with his maid, he found that it was a runaway call. This made him very uneasy. He worked till late and went to bed around two o’clock. However, he got thirsty and came down. Near the stairs he found a dark spot and wondered what it was. He was burdened with thoughts. He touched the stain and it was drying blood. When he came to his room, he found that the door-handle of his own room was blood-stained. His room was also in a mess and there was more blood over there. The bedclothes were depressed as if someone had been recently sitting there. Then, he heard his own name being taken and heard a movement across the room. The ‘eerie feelings’ took over him at this point.

Question 18. Do you think that Griffin himself was responsible for his tragic end or the society forced him to turn against his own kind?

Answer. Griffin was a gifted scientist. But it is also true that he was eccentric. He was the only one to be blamed for his tragic end. He might derive sympathy from the reader when he was chased for being different. However, on a deeper level, we have realised that he adopted many evil ways to accomplish his desires. When he ran out of money, he robbed his own father which led to his suicide. He also hurt the owner of the costume shop. Though he was misunderstood by the people at Great Portland street, where all the fiasco started, he burned the whole house down just to hide his discovery. He wanted to establish a reign of terror and believed that his invisibility provided him with godly powers. He turned against his own race and died a tragic end.

Question 19. Griffin got into the Omniums empty handed and left empty handed. How had his planned failed?

Answer. Griffin was stark naked and without food and shelter in the streets of London. Then he got a brilliant idea. He managed to enter the huge shop. He clambered up a collection of bedsteads and waited till the shop was completely empty. After the place was immersed in silence, Griffin got down. He went straight towards the clothing section and adorned many thingsβ€”from socks to hat. Then his next hit was the food. Near the toy department, he had another brilliant idea. He could fake an appearance by using false items. Finally, he went to sleep and was at peace after a long time. Unfortunately for him, he slept till late and the store opened. He was spotted. The workers ran after him. Griffin tried to hide, but somebody saw him. He resorted to hurting his pursuers and created a mess at the store. Finally, he had to take all his clothes off to go out of sight.

Question 20. Griffin thought that as he was invisible, he could easily rob anyone. However, the hunchback made it a hard task. Elaborate.

Answer. Griffin reached the desired shop in Drury Lane. There was no one in the shop when Griffin entered. The gate had a clanking bell and immediately the owner of the house, a short hunched man, came running down. Griffin tried to follow the man, but he sensed it. The quickness of his ear surprised Griffin. The man was busy washing his plates when Griffin put some coal in the fire. Immediately, the man came running upstairs. When Griffin was following him on the stairs, he suddenly stopped and was just an inch away from Griffin’s face. Griffin was nearly caught when he was searching for clothes. This made the hunchback furious. He started locking the doors of the house and before Griffin could do anything, he was locked in a room. Griffin could hardly control himself and he knocked him out cold. He explained that the hunchback gave him no choice.

Question 21. Β How did Dr Kemp’s plan to get the Invisible Man arrested fail?

Answer. Even before Dr Kemp had heard of the sinister works of the Invisible Man, he had decided to turn him over to the police. He had written a note that very night Griffin came into his house, informing Colonel Adye about his presence. Griffin was narrating the incidents that had led to his invisibility and further his encounter with Dr Kemp. Dr Kemp saw some men coming up to the house and he tried to keep Griffin busy. He asked about Griffin’s plans. Just then, sounds were heard from downstairs. 1.1164, Dr Kemp knew that it was the police and he tried to divide Griffin’s attention. But when Griffin tried to open the door, he blocked him. In an instant, Griffin realised that Dr Kemp had cheated him. He took his clothes off, hit Dr Kemp as hard as he could and before anyone could make a move, he made his escape from Dr Kemp’s house.

Question 22. How did Dr Kemp use the knowledge given to him by Griffin himself to get him arrested? Were his attempts fruitful?

Answer. After the plan to get Griffin arrested failed, Dr Kemp informed Colonel Adye that Griffin was mad. He further told him that Griffin must be stopped or he will next turn to killing people. Dr Kemp used the knowledge given to him by Griffin against him. He wanted that every available man should be put to hunt. He wanted to stop Griffin from escaping. He knew that the only thing that could stop him from leaving the place was his three books. Dr Kemp said that they must stop him from eating or sleeping and every single person should be on alert. Dr Kemp further said that they should use dogs as they could smell him. Another important thing was that the food eaten by Griffin was visible until it had been absorbed. He also wanted powdered glass on the roads s Griffin was are feet. Alas! In spite of these elaborate plans Griffin was able to sleep and eat.

Question 23. How did Griffin meet his tragic end?

Answer. Griffin was filled with murderous rage. His confidant, Dr Kemp, had cheated him. He decided to murder Dr Kemp to set an example. He laid siege on his house. However, Dr Kemp was saved by two policemen and Griffin was hurt. Dr Kemp ran towards the village and Griffin followed. Dr Kemp kept running, but he couldn’t make up his mind about where to seek shelter. Meanwhile, many people saw him and hearing his shouts came out to help him. They started running towards him and tried to provide him with some cover. As others were trying to defend Dr Kemp, Griffin started beating him. Dr Kemp held his broken arm and Griffin cried. Suddenly, a labourer hit him with a spade. Griffin started to bleed. They all held him down and he started crying for mercy. Dr Kemp asked everybody to leave him. However, it was too late and Griffin had died in the struggle. The ‘gifted physicist’ met a tragic end.

Question 24. Do you think that Dr Kemp was really a traitor as he cheated Griffin and let out all his secrets? Give reasons.

Answer. Griffin and Dr Kemp were old acquaintances and both were scientists. However, Griffin wanted to establish a reign of terror and Dr Kemp thought about the social conditions of the future. Griffin was an eccentric scientist. He wanted to smite everyone who came in his way. On the other hand, Dr Kemp thought of the greater good. Even before Griffin had mentioned his sinister plans, Dr Kemp had decided to turn him over to the police. After hearing his plans, Dr Kemp was shocked. Realising the threat that Griffin posed to the society, he was hell-bent upon capturing him. Therefore, it is not right to call Dr Kemp a traitor. Though he had cheated Griffin, he was thinking about the betterment of the society. He wanted to save the society from the devil that Griffin was.

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Question 25. What forced Griffin to burn down the house in Great Portland Street?

Answer. Griffin had found an accommodation in a slum near the Great Portland Street. He filled the room with the apparatus that he needed to carry on with his experiment. His long labour bore fruit and he was able to make a woollen cloth disappear. Then he tried to make a cat invisible. The noises made by the cat brought her owner to Griffin’s footsteps. She suspected him of vivisection. Next day, the landlord came asking questions. Griffin behaved rudely with him and threw him out. This was a crisis situation. He carried out the experiment on himself and became invisible. However, he was insecure and thought that someone could understand what he was doing. He dismantled all his apparatus, but still he was not sure. He feared that his discovery would become public. Therefore, he burned down the house to cover his trails.

Question 26. What were the difficulties faced by Griffin to achieve his dream of invisibility? Were the ways adopted by him morally correct?

Answer. Light fascinated Griffin and he dropped medicine to pursue physics. He worked like a slave. After six months of hard labour, he found a general principle of pigments and refraction and deduced a formula. He researched and concluded that to make something invisible in air, its refractive index must be lowered so as to equate with that of air. He also knew that humans were also transparent theoretically. After six years of toil, and with ideas in his mind, he went to London. He hid his experiments from everyone, including his professor. For three more years, he fought with exasperation and realised that he was out of money. At this point he robbed his father which led to his death. His secret nature made people suspicious. Finally, at Great Portland Street, he had to carry out the experiment in haste. He burned the house down to cover his trails. No, the methods that he adopted for achieving his dream were not moral. His ways were vile and sinister.

Question 27. Griffin’s invisibility. It was like having a godly power. Still he cried with helplessness. Why did Griffin grow so much hopeless?

Answer. Griffin was having a hard time adjusting with his newly acquired filled with power. Even his walk was clumsy. However, he was great joy and his mind was busy in the things he could do without behind. The man carrying being seen. Suddenly, he was hit from the basket was greatly surprised and this made Griffin laugh. A cabman rushed to catch the basket and his hands met Griffin’s neck. Griffin was hurt and the crowd rushed to the scene. Griffin was in the danger of being discovered. So, he ran away from the place. On the street, his feet got stamped, his shoulder got bruised and most of all he was stark naked and thus, caught a cold. Griffin’s initial happiness had flown away and he thought how he was going to get out of the mess he was in. He was feeling so helpless that he nearly cried.

Q 28. What had happened to Wicksteed? What effect did it have on the people of Burdock?

Answer. Mr Wicksteed was a man of forty five or forty six. His demeanor could hardly entice anyone to cause any harm to him. But he was found brutally murdered. The incidents leading to his death were not clear. The author says that his murder was a mystery as no one had seen what actually happened. However, everyone suspected that it was the Invisible Man who carried out the killing. The narration takes an imaginative turn. The author says that probably Griffin was filled with rage and carried an iron rod. The flying rod caught Mr Wicksteed’s attention and he went after it. Griffin did not want to be discovered so he attacked him and as a result Mr Wicksteed was killed. Burdock was immersed in a thrill of horror after this.

Question 29. Illustrate is the ending of the novel “The Invisible Man” happy and just? What is your reaction when Griffin gets killed and Marvel gets to keep all the stolen money? Are you glad that the invisibility formula is hidden from Kemp , who could use it? (CBSE Sample Paper Question)

Answer. The novel, The Invisible Man ends on a happy note. As science is always viewed by humans from an ethical angle, this novel clearly indicates that when science and its findings are vitiated for personal gain or against the good of humanity, it not only gets destroyed by the forces of good but also makes sure that the originator of the evil perpetration is also destroyed in the bargain. In this work, the evil genius Griffin not only meets a sad end but also suffers untold miseries because of his misuse of his findings and his personal behaviour under the influence of drugs and medication.


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